What shows to watch at your leisure

Amazon Prime has the largest collection of HBO Hits of any streaming service, including shows that have already won Emmys.

You’ll find a good mix of both here, as well as some network TV shows you may have forgotten or missed the first time around.

1. Underground railway. (2021)

underground railway
Moonlight is one of the best Oscar-winning films of all time. Barry Jenkins’ latest production.

Now the director is back to work on Amazon’s Underground Railroad limited series, which has already been acclaimed for its strong storytelling.

Underground Railroad tells a sad story with an amazing cast and great photos that take a long time to look through.

2. LulaRich

If you’re friends with the right people on Facebook, you’ve probably heard of LuLaRoe, and if not, this four-part docu-series is set to debunk one of the internet’s most popular pyramid schemes.

The documentary is about how this multi-level marketing company seduced homebodies to become salespeople.

And how it cost them money, as many of them worked around the clock to sell their inventory. MLMs will always be interesting and this one is no exception.

In addition, the filmmakers interviewed the company’s quirky founders, DeAnn and Mark Stidham, a husband and wife con artist.

3. Hannah

Best shows on Amazon Prime
Directed by Joe Wright, Hannah focuses on the story of a teenage girl who is trained by a secret organization to be a hitman.

She limited the action to a few locations and focused the story on a small group of characters.

But more material needed to be told, so Hannah was created by the film’s screenwriter David Farr.

Hannah, played by Esme Creed-Miles, is a fantastically straightforward character who knows how to crush a windpipe with a quick punch but has no idea what it’s like to be a normal teenage girl.

And Marissa, Hannah’s enemy turned ally, is played by Mireille Enos, who plays one of the best roles of her career.

While the first episode follows the structure and plot of the film, for the most part, additions and adjustments to the TV show expand its universe.

And diving deeper into its characters feels natural and valuable as it expands its universe and goes deeper into its characters.

4. Seekers of Truth

seekers of truth
Seekers of Truth is a sweetly humorous season of ghostly antics for Doctor Who fans.

Consequently, it focuses more on Frost as grumpy broadband engineer and ghost hunter Gus, and less on Pegg as Gus’s boss.

Moreso, with Samson Cayo, Susan Wokoma and Malcolm McDowell making up the cast. This is a family-friendly option with enough references to the genre.

5. Boys

In a world where superheroes are everywhere, there’s a lot to stand out. So thank goodness for The Boys, a hysterically humorous adaptation of Garth Ennis’ gruesome comic strip. series book.

Nothing created by Marvel or DC on TV has gripped us like the cacophony of gore, anarchy, and bombshell The Boys.

From the lightning fast corporate setup full of corrupt supers in the first episode to the big turning point in the finale.

Huey, an ordinary guy who is brutally murdered by the corporate Supe, whose partner is the protagonist of the story.

Billy Butcher has a grudge against superpowers and teams up (or more accurately, forces team up) with an unwilling Hughie.

We formed the Boys when a few more non-Supes joined in the fun. Since then, things have only gotten dirtier.

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