How betting and eSports are related

Sports betting is the most common type of gambling entertainment. Experts say that now rates occupy almost 40% of the total gambling market. Every second resident who has reached the age of majority at least once in his life has already been able to bet online on sports.

When did the first bets appear?

People have been betting with each other since ancient times. This is not surprising, since the bet stirs up interest and determines the winner. The inhabitants of ancient Greece bet on the Olympic Games, and in ancient Rome, many bet on gladiators. Previously, there were no bookmakers, so bets were made directly.

According to available information, the betting business appeared in the UK. Horse racing was first accepted in 1790. William Ogrden became the founder of a primitive bookmaker’s office.

The modern bookmaker’s office appeared only in 1850. The founders of the company offered to bet on sporting events. The forecasts were printed on leaflets and distributed throughout London.

On the territory of America, France and Russia, the first BCs appeared only 30 years later. The legislation of many countries forbade placing bets and betting. In Europe and the United States, such activities remained illegal until the middle of the 20th century. Immediately after the legalization of this business in the UK, more than 10 thousand bookmakers of various sizes were opened within 6 months.

Every year, companies add new types of rates. The most common include the following types of competitions:

  • football;
  • boxing;
  • tennis;
  • golf.

Most experts agree that the real revolution in this industry came in 1990. During this period, some companies began to accept bets via the Internet. Ten years later, the sports betting market has surpassed $2 billion.

Interesting facts from the world of rates

During the period of work of bookmakers, many ridiculous and interesting situations arose:

The biggest win. In 1995, a woman decided to bet 5p on the horse race. In this case, the odds for the winners were 3,072,887. The bet played, and the winner received 210 thousand pounds. The payment was made by Ladbrokes.

The most ridiculous bet ever. BC William Hill offered its customers a bet with odds of 1 to 14 million. The essence of the bet was that Elvis Presley would shoot down a UFO that would fall into Loch Ness and kill the monster.

Human factor. Cliff Bryant bet on the weather in 13 different cities. As a result, he won 7.1 million pounds. However, representatives of the office refused to pay out the winnings, since according to the established rules, it is impossible to make an express bet on the weather.

The main difference between betting and gambling

Experts say that betting is a kind of gambling. Gambling, in turn, includes all gambling in general. Visitors to bookmakers have the opportunity to place bets on various events. Now you can bet not only on the results of sports matches, but also on the following events:

  • changes in the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies;
  • weather on a certain day;
  • elections.

Gambling is prohibited in many countries. However, betting most often acts as an exception and is a completely legal activity. Obtaining permits in some countries is expensive, so bookmaker owners receive licenses from Curacao. Bookmakers with a license from offshore zones face more favorable tax conditions, therefore they offer players a wide range of bonuses and optimal odds.

The real realities of betting

It is almost impossible to calculate the total market capitalization. The main problem is that there are many illegal offices on the market now. According to the information published by Zion Market Research, the global market volume is within 104 billion dollars. This figure is constantly increasing, as the number of customers who want to guess the outcome of the match is growing.

After the advent of smartphones, many companies began to develop special applications that allow you to bet while away from home. This year, the share of bets that were made using the phone should be about 40% of the total. Rapid popularity is primarily due to convenience.

In many countries, the activities of bookmakers are legal, so companies can obtain the required license. However, most bookmaker owners prefer the license issued by offshore zones. This is primarily due to the low cost of permits.

Experts say that after the transition to online mode, the work of many bookmakers has become more transparent. However, players often complain that bookmakers refuse to pay out winnings. Bookmakers, in turn, report failures in programs or suspicious activity in the profile. Based on this, it is necessary to build more transparent models.

In the near future, betting may switch to using blockchain technology. Such technology will make the activity more transparent, since all transactions in the future can be quickly tracked. Many magazines write that the following areas will be actively developing in the near future:

  • eSports;
  • blockchain;
  • virtual reality.

Thanks to blockchain technology, all bets will be entered into a special register. Accordingly, it will be impossible to change the results. According to experts, the blockchain completely eliminates the human factor and the intervention of third parties in the processing of bets. Bookmakers that will use blockchain technology will be able to provide their customers with new opportunities that did not exist before.

Esports began to gain active distribution. Experts are sure that this is a popular discipline, which in the near future can become Olympic. Now the size of the eSports market is about 900 million dollars. Broadcasts are watched by millions of users around the world.

Bookmakers have already included championships in several popular games in the list. Looking through the list, betters will find the following games:

  • CS:GO.
  • Dota.
  • FIFA.

The popularity of tournaments is constantly increasing, which affects the increase in bets on such events. Some companies are trying to add a sense of urgency, so they provide virtual reality. The unique technology of Get InThe Race created the effect of being at horse races, which caused a real stir among many users.

Today, gambling has gone beyond the usual and traditional forms of its existence. The development of digital technologies has allowed such forms of gambling entertainment as bookmakers to enter a completely new stage. Today, bets can be made not only on traditional sports, but also on eSports disciplines. For example, cs go bets are very relevant and popular among many gamers from all over the world.

Cybersport is a global phenomenon today. Tournaments and competitions in various computer games today attract many people of all ages from all over the world. This is due to both the popularity of the games themselves and the large budgets of such events.

Today, spending time playing your favorite game can be made a very profitable business. One of the options is to participate in special tournaments and competitions, create an esports team, and so on. However, bets are another way.

Many people who know the intricacies of a particular game can quite successfully predict the outcome of a duel between e-sportsmen. However, to really get the most out of this activity, you need to have a good understanding of the tournaments themselves, as well as a thorough study of the teams participating in them.

In a field such as eSports, not only the individual skills of the player, but also his teamwork is very important. It is possible to achieve victory in such popular games as CS GO or DOTA only by team efforts.

All this must be taken into account when placing bets. However, if you have a good understanding of the functioning of the bookmakers themselves, the intricacies of the game, and so on, then this can give a very good result. Winning bets on popular shooters or MOBA games can be more profitable than betting on regular sports games. And if a person is interested in this topic or likes to play them himself, then this significantly increases the chances of a successful bet. The main thing to remember is that risk is always justified, but only if it is supported by knowledge and understanding.

Types of e-sports

Bets One of the features of e-sports betting is that there is no draw here. At the end of the game, one or the other team will celebrate the victory. Such a regulation is great for betting at bookmakers, since bettors must give preference to one of the rivals, which greatly simplifies the analysis.

Legal bookmakers offer eSports bets. In the line they are represented by the following types:

  • Bets on the outcome.
  • Handicap/handicap betting.
  • Total bets.

Since bookmakers have not yet fully comprehended e-sports, they are afraid to accept large sums for certain tournaments, trying to accept bets only on the most famous and prestigious computer games competitions. This is the only disadvantage of this sport. Otherwise, a knowledgeable player has many options for earning money, the main thing is not to be lazy.

Bets on the outcome

Depending on the computer game that bookmakers accept bets on – Dota 2 or CS:GO, bettors are invited to determine the winner of the match. The game will be held according to generally accepted rules, until victory in a certain number of games. Each computer game has its favorites – teams that have proven themselves to be real gurus. The odds for these teams to win are quite low. However, now bookmakers allow you to combine these teams into accumulators, which in itself promises a good win for bettors.

However, one should be careful with such rates. The fact is that there are already rumors about match-fixing in esports, especially in minor tournaments where the favorites play carelessly, since few rating points are awarded for victories in such competitions, and the prize money is rather weak. Therefore, it is better to combine the wins of the favorites into accumulators at major tournaments, where they will definitely play at full strength.

Handicap/handicap betting

Depending on the format of the game – Dota 2 or Counter-Strike, bettors are offered handicap by cards or handicap by rounds. That is, if one team is head and shoulders above the opponent, then it is advisable to bet on the handicap. A plus handicap in esports is a bad choice, as there are too many factors taken into account when calculating points. Although, if a team shows good results in Dota 2, you can try to play its positive card handicap. However, in this case, we would recommend playing a clear win for an outsider, since if you win on one map, the chances of winning the match increase dramatically, and the high odds set before the match can be blocked during the game. Although, this approach is closer to the section on eSports betting strategies.

Bets on total

Similar to the previous type of bets, the total on e-sports is placed taking into account the features of a computer game. For example, bookmakers do not offer total in Dota 2, since the match lasts until the victory on two maps, respectively, the handicap on the cards already implies the total. But in Counter-Strike, bookmakers offer total rounds, so bettors can predict whether it will be more or less than the declared ones. In principle, such bets are within the power of those who are really well versed in eSports, since here even a change of one team player can lead to not only a poor performance of the entire team, but even a defeat.

eSports betting strategies

Of course, it is best to bet on Dota 2 and CS:GO eSports during the match, when the lineups of the participating teams are known, and their motivation for this match is clear. Esports tournaments have such a format that opponents can play unnecessary matches, the results of which will not affect the balance of power in the standings. In this regard, opponents can rotate participants, which leads to the fact that the favorite of the match turns into an outsider.

Given that domestic bookmakers have not yet fully adapted to eSports matches, bettors have a great opportunity to use the surebets strategy. For example, Marathon considers one team to be the favorite of the match, and Betsity the other, using the arbitrage calculator, which is freely available on the Internet, you can close both positions, guaranteed to receive a profit before the start of the match.

In esports, you can bet on underdogs, especially in minor tournaments where top-rated teams usually don’t perform well. They can lose not only maps in Dota 2 or rounds in Counter-Strike, but they can also lose the match. Such an approach at a distance allows you to get a good profit, the main thing here is to determine the motivation of teams for a particular tournament.

The topic of fixed matches in eSports is very relevant. Therefore, if you notice strange tendencies in the movement of coefficients for no apparent reason, it is better to refuse betting on this match, it is possible that one team simply decided to earn extra money and will lose to rivals.

The best esports betting strategy is the live betting strategy. Many legal bookmakers offer bets on computer games online. These include: 1xbet, Betsity, Parimatch, Background. Such offers are interesting because in the course of the match, bettors already know who exactly plays in a particular cyber team, therefore, taking into account the peculiarities of the game of these teams, you can make very good bets, even with a certain degree of risk. Although, in the course of a cybermatch, bookmakers themselves may offer bets with inappropriate odds. So, you can make good money in live betting on eSports.

Esports is the sport of the future, but you can make money on it today. Bettors are not required to take part in games, the main thing is to know the rules and be able to make the right decision in time. Computer games have a huge fan base that is growing daily, and this army will soon surpass the army of traditional sports fans. Of course, in the future, tournament organizers plan to reach a new level of promotion of computer games to the masses. And this means that the number of offers of bookmakers will only increase. Dota 2 and Counter-Strike are just the first signs, which, nevertheless, allow you to make good money.