How to play Hextris

Nowadays, whenever you get bored, all you have to do is take out your smartphone and play interesting and exciting games on your device, however, if you do not have the game installed on your smartphone or you do not have any smartphone then you need something else to keep you busy. As long as you have an active internet connection, you won’t have to sit around all day because you can enjoy small online flash games.

All of these flash games are small enough to run on just about any system with a decent internet connection and browser. You don’t need a high-end graphics card or powerful processor to run these games. All you need is a browser that supports Flash and you are ready to go.


Tetris meets Crazy Wheel in this amazing new Hextris puzzle game. You get control of a moving hexagon and you have to fill it with different colors. You must match colors by making combinations of 3 and earning combos. If you let different colors overlap and touch the gray line, then you lose. So test your reflexes in this quick puzzle game and match as many colors as you can, as quickly as possible. The game tests your dexterity and reflexes in a quick puzzle game.

Hextris is also available for iOS and Android devices. is a skill game like Tetris. Spin your disc, think in time and hold out as long as possible!

Other browser flash games


With over 300,000 players, has become one of the most popular and sensational flash games on the internet in a short amount of time. The game is simple and very addictive. You control a cell that can be moved with the mouse. You have to move around by feeding on other cells to get bigger and bigger, however you have to be careful because if a cell with more mass than yours comes into contact with you, it will eat you, thus ending the game for you. You can even sign in with your Facebook ID and play with your friends. is also available on Android and iOS platforms.

2. Kanabalt

If you don’t eat cells and gain mass, then you can enjoy Canabalt; an endless running adventure that will put Temple Run and Subway Surfers to shame. This game defines the endless running genre in a whole new way. The game does not have flashy graphics or colors, instead it is a black and white game with one goal – to run. You have to run and jump on rooftops because everything falls down. Jump over obstacles and smash windows, one single mistake can bring you to life in this addictive game. Canabalt also has a two player mode so you can play with your friend.

Canabalt is also available on Android, iOS and Steam.

3. Snake

Snake has become one of the most popular games ever with the introduction of old school Nokia phones that came preinstalled with the Snake game. The game is still considered a great time killer by many casual gamers. The gameplay is simple, you are a snake and you need to eat tiny dots to grow in size, but you have to be careful not to approach yourself. The game has three modes for different players: Slug, Worm and Python. Slug is the slowest mode for newcomers to the game, Worm is pretty fast for casual players, and Python is the fastest for people with Snake experience.

4. 2048

Another game that went viral on different smartphone platforms. The game combines jigsaw puzzles with a simple goal. You must merge identical numbered tiles to create one tile with the sum of both numbers. You must create a tile with the number 2048 in order to win the game, but this is not an easy feat. You must move the tiles in one direction and try to match and add as many of them as possible with each individual move.

2048 is also available in various variants on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms.

5. Tanki Online

If you wanted to play the amazing World of Tanks game on your PC but don’t have a powerful enough PC, you don’t have to worry anymore because we’ve got you covered. Instead, you can play Tanki Online and enjoy the explosive action of owning your personal tank on the battlefield. The game is available for free and you can purchase in-game items to make your tank even more powerful. The game lets you choose your tank and then fight your friends or anyone from all over the world in intense action. Gather with your team and fight with another team of tankers. Collect crystals and then use them to repair/upgrade your tank.