Complex strategies and hurricane actions in the game – with a simple keyboard and a classic mouse are doomed to failure. Serious people know this, so they value freedom of movement and click accuracy. How to choose and what to give a computer game lover – read in the article.

Peripheral devices

Game devices are not universal. The tournament class of gadgets is necessary for eSports, here the speed of response is worth its weight in gold, it helps to get ahead of opponents. When choosing gifts for gamers, you should pay attention to the manufacturer, the aesthetics of the appearance and the reliability of the device – this is the basis of the basics. And the TOP-8 ideas to give a gamer, see below in the text.

Gaming keyboard and mouse

A gaming keyboard is a great gift. Here, with one click, you can replace long combinations and influence the outcome of the battle. Accuracy, speed, reaction – sharpened for game options. They are equipped with a number of functions that are not found in classic manuals:

  • illumination gives a special effect to increase the dynamism of the plot scenes and for the convenience of playing at night;
  • the game mode switch provides a quick transition to another game profile;
  • a short key code replaces a long digital stroke;
  • multimedia buttons control the playback of scenes;
  • key programming is sharpened for personal macros (sequence of actions).

Top models of keyboards can contain from 32 buttons, which are aimed at simplifying tasks. The more, the better – it is convenient to switch from one game to another, while keeping the data of the previous site.

A good gaming mouse will not let you down. This is an important element of equipment, it is responsible for aiming and choosing weapons, playing complex cards with strong opponents. One button press replaces many actions in the game. The mouse should not be light, otherwise you will lose accuracy.

There are a number of options and features that are unique to gaming models.

  1. The asymmetric shape is designed for the most convenient grip of the palm surface.
  2. Additional buttons are intended for executing a number of commands, adjusting the sound volume.
  3. The case with a special coating – for a good grip of the hand on the surface.
  4. Manufacturers offer to buy a keyboard and mouse as a set from the same series. Professional sets work synchronously and harmoniously complement each other.

A headset with a high sound class meets the following characteristics:

  • speakers with a built-in microphone rotate on the axis for clear communication;
  • surround sound gives a sense of the reality of what is happening on the monitor;
  • excellent reproduction of music with deep bass;
  • sealed acoustic chambers;
  • compatibility with PCs, game consoles;
  • light weight

To fully immerse yourself in the world of the game, such a headset is a must-have. This is a good gift for a friend.

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