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Want to watch the best movie right now, here are some of them for you. surely you will like it!

1. Rubbish

It is one of the most important works of art of the 21st century. It’s just true.

You may have heard the hype or seen the Emmy nominations, but you have no idea how good this series is.

Also short! Each of the two seasons consists of six half-hour episodes that follow a young woman named Fleabag in search of her fortune.

This film honestly depicts femininity, loneliness and individuality. Sinking into self-hatred and self-doubt, many of us try to hide behind strained charisma or comedy.

The first season is just fantastic, and the second season is one of the best and most touching love stories.

2 The Wonderful Mrs Maisel

If you’ve seen Gilmore Girls, you’re already familiar with Amy Sherman’s style: Palladino’s chatty ladies irritate as well as enchant everyone they meet along the way.

The Amazing Mrs. Maisel, Sherman Palladino’s comedy series about Midge Maisel, a 1950s housewife who moonlights as a comedian to blow off steam from the hardships and hardships of her daily life, has a similar sensibility.

The show follows her ups and downs as she travels the world of comedy with her stern manager Susie, as well as her attempts to hide her secret life from her eccentric parents, and her tumultuous relationship with ex-husband Joel.

3. One Mississippi

Best shows on Amazon Prime
In this fictional story about the era in her life immediately after the death of her mother. Tig Notaro plays a version of herself.

She returns to her Mississippi birthplace to live with her brother and stepfather. recovering from a battle with cancer, remembering and learning about their history.

This piece really is one of those little buried treasures that will make you wonder, “Where has my whole life been?”. He demonstrates Notaro’s abilities as an actor and storyteller.

4. Return home

Best shows on Amazon Prime
Homecoming is a slick, nasty thriller based on the podcast of the same name about how far the government is willing to go to keep its secrets and the people who have been abandoned in the process.

Julia Roberts takes on the role of a former social worker who tries to uncover the secrets of her past position at the mysterious Homecoming facility, which aims to help the troops in their return to civilian life.

Walter Cruz, a soldier she met at the facility, turns out to be the key to filling in the gaps in her memories.

In Season 2, Janelle Monáe plays another “Homecoming”-related amnesiac and also gives Hong Chau a lot more room to achieve as an incredibly powerful employee at the institution’s parent company.

5. Modern love

Best shows on Amazon Prime
This is a program based on a newspaper column (specifically “Modern Love” in the New York Times).

And if that doesn’t sound like the most intriguing idea, I can almost promise that at least one episode will include the celebrity you’re enjoying.

An episode of Dev Patel in which he portrays the founder of a dating platform who still loves his ex-girlfriend.

And the episode with Anne Hathaway, in which she plays a woman struggling with bipolar disorder, are two examples.

There is also an episode where Tina Fey and John Slattery go to marriage counseling, as well as Andrew Scott’s surrogate mother.

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